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Security continues to be of vital importance to many organizations, businesses, and facilities. The unpredictability that exists in the world can leave many of us on edge any time we venture out to a public place, and it is important that you do all you can as a facilities operator or owner to provide a firm level of comfort and security for those using your area. While having security guards on hand is a big step in the right direction, you may also want to have the right security systems and measures in place to enhance the guards’ presence. At Private Security Center, we offer an array of private security products that can provide the extra layer of surveillance and protection.

Camera Systems and Monitoring

For those responsible for larger facilities like a shopping mall, office building, warehouse or production facility, you likely have a large area that needs regular monitoring and surveillance. For situations like this, we can offer superior technology that makes use of the latest in security camera systems. The systems we offer can range from the simple to the quite complex so that you can be sure you have proper coverage of areas at all times and experienced personnel monitoring these areas always. Our system allows us to react quickly so that we can notify the proper authorities and act as quickly as possible.

Mass Notification Systems

One of the important private security products we can offer you is the use of our unique application for mass notification systems. Our application can quickly send out an emergency alert to your employees and those at your facility in case of an emergency or event. This message can give people the important heads-up advance notice they need to take proper action and precautions in a wide variety of emergency situations, lets them know that action is underway to protect them properly.

Find Out More about Our Products

If you would like to learn more about the various private security products that we have to offer, please take the time to contact us at Private Security Center. We can provide security services to all counties in California so that you can get the protection you need most. Give us a call at 855-742-3687 to speak with a representative and arrange for a consultation with one of our security experts so you can find out just how we can assist you.