Project Safe Schools: The Beginning of the End to Campus Violence

In the wake of the recent tragic Florida High School school shooting, the Private Security Center has initiated Project Safe Schools, a free school security program for K-12 schools in Los Angeles County.

Under Project Safe Schools, qualifying K-12 schools in Los Angeles County are eligible to receive the following free and discounted security services and advanced technology donated and sponsored by the Private Security Center:

  • A FREE On-site security assessment conducted by a certified and police trained physical security expert
  • A FREE subscription to our Talos Campus Lockdown & Visitor Management security software
  • A FREE active shooter & campus violence prevention training seminar
  • DISCOUNTED police experienced campus security officers that meet and exceed CA school security training requirements under SB 1626

How Project Safe Schools Works:

1. Project Safe Schools is a security program funded by our independent contribution and third party donations.
2. Interested schools can informally apply for the free and discounted security services by or completing our online application.
3. Schools receiving discounted and free security services are selected based on need, lack of funding and our serviced on a first come first serve basis.
4. When your school is selected, one of our security consultants will contact you to schedule your on campus security assessment/consultation and initiate installation of our Campus Lockdown System on your campus.

Protection Starts with A FREE CONSULTATION!

To apply for free and discounted security services through Project Safe Schools, please complete our online application.

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