Safe Schools Initiative – Private Schools

The Private Security & Investigator Center is pleased to announce its safe schools initiative for private schools. Our Safe Schools Initiative is bringing campus security to the forefront for all private campuses in effort to stop violence on schools campus’. The safe schools initiative is best described in a recent statement from our Director of Operations: “The purpose of the Safe Schools Initiative is to help private school campus get the on-site security they need to prevent violence on campus. When it comes to security, private school campuses are greatly disadvantaged compared to that of public schools who have deep tax payer pockets which fund their own on campus police departments to protect them. The majority of private schools have no one on campus to protect them at all. If they do, they are usually limited to poorly trained, low-skilled, unarmed contract or in-house security guards who have no true ability to interdict during a campus security threat. Poorly trained and inadequately equipped security personnel usually become the first victim in a catastrophic security breach and when that happens, the safety of the students, faculty and staff on campus is limited to dialing 911. This is an unacceptable standard of security to us and we’re not going to give up on any private campus until they have the on-site security they need to stop campus violence.”

For more information on how the program works click here or if you are a school administrator interested in taking advantage of our Safe Schools Initiative, please contact our Director of Operations at 626-788-5088 or email us.