Take the Next Step in Your Private Security Career

Take the Next Step in Your Private Security Career

The demand for trained personnel to provide private security contractor is rising in the US, with more and more private individuals and companies seeking to get better protection for themselves and their families or staff members. In the past, businesses had to rely upon low waged security staff, often employed by the company rather than by specialist contractors. This meant that their security had no idea how to handle tense situations or criminal activity. The result of this situation has now meant that there is a rising demand for fully trained security officers. If you wish to begin a private security contractor career after retiring from the police or the military, we can provide you with fantastic opportunities.

Performing private security contractor career

When you are running a private security operation, you will notice that there are several differences compared to working for a police force or as part of a military unit. Often, you will be working on your own, or as part of a small team. You will have to make important decisions about protecting customers and looking after people on the property, and you will have to stick to a much stricter set of rules concerning public interaction. Customer service will be an important part of your role, and it can be important to have a full training session before you are ready to move into private security.

Security officer tasks

There are several different roles within the career of a security officer. For example, you may be required to work on a single fixed post, or may have to perform perimeter tours of the property in order to ensure that it is fully protected. You may interact with members of staff or customers within the property, and may also need to respond to alerts about unwell or hurt employees or visitors.

Working for businesses or clients

As a private security officer, you will be one of a number of representatives of the business that you are working for, or of the client you are representing. This means that you must pay close attention to everything that you do, and have a neat appearance in order to be presentable to members of the public. We hope to be able to offer former police officers with more than three years’ experience a private security career with our company. Apply through our website or call 1-855-742-3687 today.